Tincture, Vape, Or Edibles: Which Form Of CBD Extract Is Best For You?

An increasing number of health-conscious people are becoming more interested to know about CBD extract and CBD oil benefits, and why not? The way some vendors market pure CBD oil is like it can positively cure almost anything with just a drop. However, even the best CBD oil cannot rightfully claim the title ‘miracle cure’. Still, those who buy CBD oil to treat various ailments have shown drastic improvements whether in terms of anxiety, sleep, or pain management.

Just like any other active chemical compound, CBD is available in different forms: pure CBD oil, CBD hemp oil, tincture, vape, and edibles. However with different forms also come varying levels of CBD strength, which may or may not affect its efficacy in treating a specific medical condition. If you are thinking of purchasing CBD for medical reasons, you must know how to differentiate each form and how to purchase them.

Pure CBD oil

As the name implies, this is the most concentrated liquid form of CBD extract. Though CBD is considered as non psychoactive (hence, non habit-forming), you’ll find several legal restrictions in purchasing this product due to its source, method of extraction, and levels of THC contaminants. As such, this is mostly available in states where cannabis-based products are legalized and are only sold to those who already acquired authorization from their respective states.

CBD hemp oil

It is possible that pure CBD and CBD hemp oil are extracted from the same plant, albeit from different parts. Unlike pure oil, CBD hemp oil comes from hemp seeds hence, it has generally lower levels of CBD and almost non-existent level of THC. This is significant since THC is the chemical compound wholly responsible for cannabis’ euphoric and addictive effects. THC is also the reason why pure CBD oil needs to restricted since it is entirely impossible to isolate THC from CBD.

For this reason, CBD hemp oil is legally available and can be purchased across all states, even without acquiring authorizations and other pertinent documents.

CBD tincture

This form is the most popular because it is very easy to use. All you need to do is drop and mix some in your morning tea or drop it directly right under your tongue to take effect. However, some users find CBD tinctures unpalatable since they are basically tasteless. Also, there are people who cannot take that much dosage, which leads them to try and  buy other CBD forms.

CBD Vape Oil and edibles

Though there are people who will argue that this form is more recreational rather than medicinal in purpose, you will still find customers preferring vape oil over any other. This form is popular for one reason: you can incorporate delicious flavors with it to make it more enticing to users – specifically those who are trying CBD oil for the first time. Furthermore, the vapor dosage induced by vape oil is low, which makes it perfect for first time users to get used to.

However, if you are not into smoking, you can almost incorporate CBD hemp oil into your cooking (i.e. use CBD oil to fry things), only you need to be careful on how much oil you should use when you cook as to not overdose yourself..