Giving dog treats CBD as part of your dog’s Diet

You’ve heard so many beautiful things about the use of CBD oil in dogs and are encouraged to try it because your poor dog has been ill for a while but you have your questions, and that is normal. One of the most important things to know would be the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Both hemp and marijuana are from the cannabis sativa plant, but they give different results to users due to the different properties they contain.

  • Marijuana refers to the leaves and buds that give you THC or tetrahydrocannabinol where the ‘high’ comes from.
  • Hemp, on the other hand, would be the rest of the plant that gives you CBD or cannabidiol where the medicinal properties are kept. It doesn’t have the effect of being ‘high’ like in Marijuana.

There are so many ways to give your dog CBD and include it in their diet. You can use, like in humans, capsules, tinctures and of course through dog treats. This dog treats cbd is the most popular because dogs always enjoy treats.

The benefits of CBD oil

It is essential for dog owners to keep their dog happy and healthy because they love you so much in return. Getting more info about using CBD for puppies and adult dogs can help you provide a healthier lifestyle for your dog.  So just how beneficial is CBD oil? Here’s a list of good things that this oil can bring you.

  • Managing Epileptic Seizures –this helps lessen the frequency of seizures.
  • Arthritis Relief – dogs are given CBD to make the pain manageable in cases of arthritis.
  • Weight management especially in dealing with appetite loss.
  • Stress Relief –Stress and anxiety in dogs can be addressed with the right dose of CBD.
  • Help dogs in Cancer
  • Other diseases like cardiovascular diseases can also be treated with the use of CBD oil.